May 9, 2023

AWS Summit Stockholm 2023

A reflection post.

My CFP was selected for the community booth lightening talk for AWS Summit Stockholm 2023. It was my second year in row at the community booth and I had a story to tell. This was a bit different than my usual talks. This wasn't a deep dive into a service. This was rather a story of how an inhouse product was conjured from vague business requiremets to a self service oriented IT interface for the technology consumers in the company.

I had help from the AWS folks in making this presentation much better than it's draft version. This presentation starts with a sociotechnological problem statement, moves on to some design considerations, explores a technical construct that can help solve the issue and moves quicky into the implementation details.

I have a copy of the presentation available for your to look at if you are interested. Since this is a PDF, it looses the fun I had with funky animations that assisted immensly to tell the story effectively.

Reach out if you have any questions around it.

Some pictures from the event -